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How To Play FantasySpin

Quick Start

  1. Daily Spin - Spin to Receive your Virtual Playing Currency
  2. Home Screen - Choose a Sport to Play
  3. Select the Game/Player Pool to Spin Your Lineup From
  4. Spin Your Lineup for Free
  5. Choose to Lock Players (If You Wish), then Spin Again. Repeat Until You Are Satisfied With Your Team or When You Are Out of Spins.
  6. Submit Tour Team
  7. Select the Tournament You Wish to Enter
  8. Confirm Your Entry
  9. Enjoy the Games & Watch Your Score Grow on FantasySpin

How To Play

Game Currency


  • Earn Them by Winning Tournaments, Earning Achievements, Spinning Top Players, & Daily Spin
  • Use Them to Spin Again, Lock Players in your Lineup & Enter Tournaments

Choose A Sport

Choose between Football, Basketball, & Baseball. More sports comings soon.

Select A Game

This section lets you choose the games (or conferences) from which you want to spin your players.

Spin Your Lineup

Simply hit the Spin button. The first time is always free. If you don't like your lineup, no worries. Just spin again for 100 chips.

Projected Score

Each player has a projected score just to the right of their position. This is based on each player's projected statistics for the coming game. Your projected total score can be found just above your lineup on the spin screen.

Instant Win

Based on a player’s projected score, they may be ranked as a Gold Player. These rankings come with instant chips. You can only win instantly from a player once during a lineup selection, so we suggest to lock these players in as soon as possible.

Spinning Icons

Easily identify how well a player has been performing or if they are injured with the Fire, Ice, & Injury icons.


Identifies a player that has one of the top average scores at their position over the last 3 games played.


Identifies a player that has one of the lowest average scores at their position over the last 3 games played.


Identifies when a player has a day-to-day injury and/or is questionable for the coming game. This indicates that there is a possibility they may not play.

Learn More About Your Players

We make it very simple to learn more about your players. Click on your player to view personal stats, stats from their recent games, and the latest news about them.

Locking In Players

Really like some of your lineup, but want to re-spin some of the others? Never fear, you have 6 locks to work with and all it will cost a few chips. You can keep track of your available locks in the top right of the spin screen.

There are two ways to lock in a player:

  • After clicking the player, and learning a bit more about them, you can choose to lock them at the bottom of the pop-up.
  • On the spin screen, bottom right, you can select "Lock Player". Simply click on the player to lock them in.

Each lock will get cost more chips and be careful, you only have 6 and if you want to unlock them you won't get your chips back ;).

These players are yours and are locked in for this lineup selection. Feel free to spin again to make the other changes to your lineup.

Lineup Star Rating

If you look at the top of the spin screen, you will see a star rating. This is a simple indication of how awesome your lineup is, based on the players' projected scores. The more stars, the better the lineup.

Submit Team

If you are happy with the lineup on the spin screen, simply hit "Submit Team". This will take you to the tournament selection. All players, locked and unlocked, will be part of your team.

Tournament Selection

There are 4 tournament types to choose from. Entry fees range from 25 chips to 500 chips.

1v1 DUEL

Compete against one opponent. This is a winner take all.


All participants who finish in the top half split the prize pool.


Enter your lineup against up to 99 other lineups in a winner take all event. To the winner go ALL the spoils.


With the number of lineups ranging from 5 - 100, you will test your team and earn a portion of the prize pool based on your final rank. Of course, 1st place wins the most.

Confirmation & Pick Again

Just confirm your lineup and your tournament and enjoy the games with your mobile FantasySpin app. After you confirm, you can play again with 3 options:

  • If you really like your team you can then enter them into a new tournament (Takes you to the tournament screen).
  • Pick another sport to play (Takes you to the home screen).
  • Spin a new team in the same sport.

User Types


Guest users can play FantasySpin and earn game currency just like everyone else for as long as they want. This is a good way to get a feel for how the game works. However, guest users will not be included in the leaderboard, and therefore cannot earn leaderboard achievements. Guest data will only be saved on the guest users device.

FantasySpin User

FantasySpin Users are able to log into the app on any device and see their content and preferences saved. They will be included on the leaderboard and all promotional opportunities, but will not have the benefits of a Premier FantasySpin User.

FantasySpin Premier User (monthly subscription)

In addition to the above, Premier Users will get the following benefits:

  • Spinning Teams
  • Entering Tournaments
  • Winning Tournaments
  • Beating Your Opponent By A Large Margin
  • Losing To An Opponent By A Large Margin
  • Watching Ads
  • Sharing On Social Media
  • Winning Large Numbers Of Chips
  • More To Come...

Trophies & Accomplishments

During game play you will earn trophies and accomplishments.


Trophies are earned by winning tournaments.


Accomplishments are earned a variety of ways and come with a badge and chips.

Some of the ways include:

  • Spinning Teams
  • Entering Tournaments
  • Winning Tournaments
  • Beating Your Opponent By A Large Margin
  • Losing To An Opponent By A Large Margin
  • Watching Ads
  • Sharing On Social Media
  • Winning Large Numbers Of Chips
  • More To Come...