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FantasySpin FAQ's

What is a Premier Player account and what are the benefits?

When you become a premier player, you will receive benefits such as bonus chips from your daily spin and a guaranteed athlete from your favorite team.

How are Trophies and Badges calculated?

Trophies are earned by winning tournaments. Accomplishments are earned in a variety of ways and come with a badge and chips. Some of these ways include:

  • Entering Tournaments
  • Winning Tournaments
  • Beating Your Opponent Badly
  • Losing To An Opponent Horribly
  • Winning Large Amounts of Chips
  • More To Come...

How do I earn Chips? How do I use Chips?


  • Used for spinning and locking players we well as entering tournaments
  • Earned by winning tournaments, collecting achievements, spinning top players, and Daily Spins

What is a projected score?

The orange number in the right corner of each player is their projected score. This is based on each player’s projected statistics for the coming game. The higher the score the better the player. Also, at the top of the spin screen you will see your line-up's total projected score and star rating. This is an easy indication of how awesome your line-up is based on the sum of all your players' projected scores. The more stars, the better the line-up!

How do I lock in players? How many players can I lock in a team?

You really like some of your players, but you don’t want to lose them? Lock them in!

There are two ways to lock in a player:

  • After clicking the player, and learning a bit more about them, you can choose to lock them at the bottom of the pop-up.
  • At the bottom right of the spin screen, you can select Lock Player, and then simply click on the player to lock them.

The cost of the lock may be found at the bottom of the spin screen. Be careful though, you have limited locks. If you lock in players and haven’t spun yet, those players can still be unlocked. Once you spin, there’s no going back! Those player locks are already in place and will not be refunded.

These players are yours and are locked in for this line-up selection. Feel free to spin again to make changes to the rest of your line-up.